HUGE Clearance Sale!

Have you been one of the lucky customers to snag major savings during our clearance event? In an effort to revamp our product line, we’ve added even more products to our big savings event. We are discontinuing a lot of our vegan furs, wraps and clothing. sorbet-fur-beet-wrap

Come see what we’ve added here:

Save an additional 20% on clearance for a limited time.

Use code: clearancesale20
Expires: 2/6/18

Nursery Room Furniture SALE



We’ve deeply discounted our custom designed baby and toddler furniture this week! These are made of premium linen fabric that’s easy to clean and comfortable to the touch. These look adorable in any nursery room or portrait studio!

Depending on the style, recommended ages of 9 to 24 months of age.

These pieces are going faster than we ever expected! We’ve reordered these three times and have a limited quantity on hand! Discounted to make room for our newest shipment.


Nicole Jackson Photography

Save BIG on Pre-Order Furniture!

Save BIG on our Pre-Order Furniture!!

Want to save big on our beautiful new furniture AND shipping?! Check out our new, custom-designed Pre-Order Furniture Collection! The high quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship of these pieces will make them truly last a lifetime. Inspired by vintage silhouettes, these designs are unique to Custom Photo Props. There’s nothing else out there like them, and they’ll be the perfect new addition to add to your collection!

Quantities are extremely limited – we are only having 50 made of each design! You can save BIG with our pre-order special if you buy now….and just because we love you, shipping is FREE! 


These designs are set to arrive the beginning of February, so this deal won’t last much longer – items go to full price once in stock.Check the “Coming Soon” section of our homepage to get your hands on this amazing deal: