Save BIG on Pre-Order Furniture!

Save BIG on our Pre-Order Furniture!!

Want to save big on our beautiful new furniture AND shipping?! Check out our new, custom-designed Pre-Order Furniture Collection! The high quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship of these pieces will make them truly last a lifetime. Inspired by vintage silhouettes, these designs are unique to Custom Photo Props. There’s nothing else out there like them, and they’ll be the perfect new addition to add to your collection!

Quantities are extremely limited – we are only having 50 made of each design! You can save BIG with our pre-order special if you buy now….and just because we love you, shipping is FREE! 


These designs are set to arrive the beginning of February, so this deal won’t last much longer – items go to full price once in stock.Check the “Coming Soon” section of our homepage to get your hands on this amazing deal:


Retired Vegan Fur Sale!

We are retiring some of our beautiful vegan furs to make room for exciting new custom colors, and they’re deeply discounted because of it. Get 30% off select furs for the entire month of November! These furs won’t disappoint – they’re animal friendly, vegan, machine washable, and hypoallergenic! Each fur from our exclusive line is hand selected to ensure the highest quality photographs are taken using our props. They’ll take your photography to a whole new level that other companies cannot offer you. Don’t miss out on this awesome sale!retired-vegan-fur-sale2016-coupon-code-blog

COUPON CODE– Use coupon code retiredfur30  in the coupon code box at checkout at

Not valid on other websites. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Expires 11/30/16

We ship to all 50 states and also ship out of the country. Orders ship within 24 business hours!