Gearing up for Family Photos

Today we were scrolling the Net and found something we thought might help some families out there who are ready to take the plunge into family photos!


So we asked our Facebook friends to share their sentiments on befriending fellow photographer’s and we got some great responses! Take a look and write a comment letting us know your story!

friend or foetographer

“In the past I have befriended a photographer that did mostly outdoor shoots and not really a whole lot of babies. It was annoying when I’d post a newborn add, only to be copied by my new “friend,” with a lower price tag. I don’t think is good to befriend other photographers that are really competitive by nature. I am currently friends with a fellow belly and baby photographer who is a great resource. We became friends when one of her maternity clients suffered a loss at the hospital, and I responded through NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep). We talked, she decided to give NILMDTS a try, and we met for homemade pumpkin spice lattes at my house so that she could ask me questions about my volunteer work. The conversation then drifted to props, sewing, poses, and soon we knew that we’d hit it off. This is the kind of shutter friend to keep around.”



“Twice I have befriended photographers who have gone behind my back and then ripped me off by stealing ideas i had in the works and by plagiarizing work. But that is nothing compared to the number of photographers who have been helpful and supportive that i have met both in person or online local and across the globe. I am friends with sooo many local photographers and photographers. Some of the local ones are a completely different style to me so we can refer eachother work when we get enquiries that aren’t suited to us. and others are similar in style and taste, and even though i guess a lot of them are my competition, it doesnt stop us from being friends and sharing tips and secrets (and prop sales and comps!). We help eachother grow and we all contribute to eachothers success. I know i have definitely grown with their support. We teach eachother tips and tricks and we share props and equipment. and we sometimes second shoot for each other (weddings) and assist each other (such as when we have twins!). Having that support network far and close helps us better ourselves and better our clients. if you love what you do and work hard at doing a great job then you will always have work. there is no need to worry about competition, babies are born everyday and there is plenty to go around. many times one has posted a session and others are like oh they enquired with me, i’m glad one of us got the session booked. One time my friend local photographer and I both had the same enquiry for twins. They ended up booking with me (as i had previous history with the mums sisterinlaw) and my friend even came to help me with them at no cost. And she knows i would do the same for her or any of the other girls. (and we often do). Thats the beauty of quality photographer friendships”




“My story is unique in that my competition is my own sister! She was in to photography several years before me, and had built a following of 4000 people before I even picked up my first camera. When I got my first camera, I had no idea photography was going to take over my life and take me on such a whirlwind adventure. It wasn’t long before my sister was upset and hurt and felt like I was just trying to squash her limelight. It took us about a year of arguments and hurt feelings until we finally realized that we could help each other, instead of hurt each other. We now share almost everything. She photographs the weddings and then sends her clients my way when they start having kids. It’s a beautiful arrangement and we’ve realized that we are both great photographers, we know exactly what to get each other for birthdays and Christmas, and together we can support each other and save each other’s butts if need be:) We will never go in to business together because we’ll probably kill each other lol, but we are each other’s greatest supports, and its nice to have found we have a lot more in common than we had originally thought”



“Locally, we have an amazing group of professional photographers. I am not just friends with one, we all work together to grow and teach and build the industry and each other’s businesses. We share critique, advice, business knowledge, shooting locations, refer clients to each other and help each other. We see each other as peers and not competition.”



“Hi! I saw your post for Friend Photographers. I am in the fairly small town of Rocky Mount, NC and have several friends who are photographers. One, in particular, has been a great friendship and professional association as well. I am a part-timer who loves newborns and high school seniors. The other photographer is a full-time studio owner who specializes in babies and children. I also shoot weddings. Since she doesn’t, she is my preferred second shooter (and we have a great time). Our kids go to the same small private school, too. We have taught workshops together to raise money for the school’s fine arts department. We have gone to workshops together and helped each other quite a bit. Since she is full-time, when I book up or get inquiries for young children, I refer to her. Of course, being in a small town, our businesses would be seen as competitors but we have found that playing nice in our small sandbox is a win-win for both of us personally and professionally.” 

Thanks so much to those of you who shared with us! It sure seems to us that most of you photographers get along pretty well and take advantage of learning from your peers. What a great field we’re all in to work with such wonderful and talented people. #lovethisjob

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