RELAXED Swaddler | Newborn Photographer’s Swaddling Assistant

Our exclusive Relaxed Swaddler Sack is simple tool to help make swaddling an easier, more relaxed experience for babies, parents, and photographers.

Born Again Innovation – Our Relaxed Swaddler is a rebirth of a newborn sack we designed back in 2009.

Our Relaxed Swaddler Newborn Sack has been exclusively designed to assist those who are new to swaddling capture simple poses of their newborns. Our unique closed bottom design has been specifically developed to help contain newborns’ feet from interfering with a tight swaddle. Its cocoon shape helps keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, while providing snuggly warmth.

S I Z E :

Our newborn sack is constructed out of a lightweight, breathable mesh that easily stretches to fit babies up to 10 lbs.

F E E D B A C K :

Our Relaxed Swaddler is known to save up to 30 minutes per newborn session! Our swaddling assistant will help you save time and eliminate unneeded frustration.

D E T A I L S :

* Affordable price point; less than $0.75 investment per photo session!

* Product designed for short-term use; expect 10-20 uses per sack

* Approved completely safe by Dr. Murphy, MD in New York

* This product is not designed for more complex posing styles due to the closed bottom

*Ideal for more novice swaddlers (i.e. – new parents wanting at-home newborn shots, the fussiest of babies, beginner photographers on a budget)

* Updated mesh style coming in 2018

C L E A N I N G :

Hand Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry


New Vegan Mohair Baby Wraps

Our newest mohair wraps are here in delectable colors! These are the softest of all shades and the most soothing of tones.

Bianca Hubble Newborn Photography used our new wraps with some of her newborn clients. We are delighted with her creativity and how those gorgeous babies make our products look even more gorgeous!


Pink Vegan Mohair Bonnet & Baby Wrap
Candy Vegan Mohair Wraps in the Prettiest of Pinks
All New Mohair Wraps & Baby Bonnets!
Our New Vegan Mohair Wraps are Here in the Prettiest of Shades!

Shop our full mohair wrap selection here:

Shop our full mohair bonnet selection here:

Photographer Spotlight

Newborn Bear Bonnet

Shoutout to some of our favorite photographers!!! We love shining a spotlight on some of the amazing photographers who use our products, and feel so lucky to call them our customers!  It’s always exciting to see how they incorporate our props  into  their photography style & newborn shoots. Check out some of their awesome work below!


This little cutie’s expression is priceless! BabyLikeArt is featuring our snow nubble wrap.



This color story is just beautiful! Laura King Photography is featuring our Opal headband.



We love Nicole’s light & airy signature style! She shoots all of our seasonal product collections 🙂 Here she’s featured our glass mint lux wrap & Maive headband!

maiveheadband test


Bianca did an amazing job capturing our favorite new fur color, Ember. Her color combinations compliment this little one’s complexion just beautifully!



You can check out all of the products featured here at

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Custom Photo Props Summer Collection


Our NEW Summer Collection is here and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

The color stories in this new collection feature hazy, muted, summertime hues. Our palette of antique pink, yellow ochre, teal, azure & lilac grey evokes the mood of seaside sunsets and lush summer wildflowers. The muted nature of these colors will flatter the complexion of any baby.


We’ve curated everything into simple color stories to make for easy, breezy summer shopping. Each story features fresh new headband & apparel designs that we’ve combined with complimentary furs & wraps. Even more exciting, we’re debuting 2 new oh-so-pretty fur colors – Oasis and Trellis! Shop today to be summer-ready in no time!




CPP Baby Wrap Softness & Stretch Scales

There’s so much to love about our collection of baby wraps here at CPP! Our exclusive assortment offers a wide variety of colors, textures, and weights. To help you understand the important differences between each category, we’ve developed a softness scale and stretch scale. Soon all of our wrap listings at will feature both a softness and stretch ranking. Here’s a look at all the details of our Softness and Stretch Scales:


1 = I’d wouldn’t use that to wash my floors!

2 = Eh.. it’s not the best feeling out there but can be used for short periods of time

3 = Ah.. this feels alright

4 = Oh.. this is cozy and feels good

5 = Incredible softness and comfort! Give me a place to sleep immediately..zZ..zzZ..ZZZ



1 = No stretch at all

2 = The fabric gives a little bit but doesn’t look great if you like the form fitting look

3 = It has enough stretch to make swaddling easier

4 = Oh.. this has great movement and I can easily wrap a baby with this

5 = Holy smokes, this has some serious stretch


For an in-depth look into how each of our wraps rank and compare to one another, ceck out this article:

Swaddling Wrap Comparison

I’ve been asked several times this week on how our newborn baby wraps differ from one style to another, so here is an explanation on the characteristics of each fabric. ANDDD… thank you for pushing me to do this overdue baby wrap comparison post!

A couple things to know before we begin.. all of our baby wraps are exclusive to Custom Photo Props with exception of the Nubble wraps. We choose the fibers, dyes, elasticity content, and size of each wrap and bring it to life.  We love to curate new products for newborn photographers that surpass what’s currently on the market. Since we love having our own exclusive collection of superior products, we are discontinuing the Nubble wrap line. It’s not that they aren’t good in their own way, we just don’t like being like everyone else!


Custom Photo Props STRETCH SCALE

1 = No stretch at all

2 = The fabric has some movement (maybe 10% shift)

3 = It has enough stretch to swaddle a baby without issue

4 = Oh.. this has even more flexibility and I can easily wrap a baby with this

5 = Holy smokes, this has some serious stretch!


Custom Photo Props  SOFTNESS RANKING

1 = I’d wouldn’t use that to wash my floors!

2 = Eh.. it’s not the best feeling out there but can be used for short periods of time

3 = Ah.. this feels alright

4 = Oh.. this is cozy and feels good

5 = Incredible softness and comfort! Give me a place to sleep immediately..zZ..zzZ..ZZZ

Dream Stretch Wrap

Our Dream is the lightest, airiest offering in our exclusive wrap collection – its delicate, open knit stitch provides a subtle sheerness and lots of stretch.  Light as cashmere and offered in a beautiful array of colors. Hand stitched in the USA! This is our second most popular wrap.

Size (un-stretched)

16″ by 58″

Cleaning Instructions 

Hand wash in a mild clothing detergent. Lightly wring out excess water. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Insider Information

  • 2nd most popular
  • Very light and airy
  • CPP Softness Scale @ 5
  • CPP Stretch Ranking @ 4



Lux{ury} Stretch Wrap

Knit with a finer, tighter stitch than our Dream Wrap, the Lux Wrap has a lightweight sweater feel to it. You will love the luxurious look & feel of this custom-designed baby wrap! Each one is hand-dyed to match our exclusive furs, and its generous stretch makes it perfect for swaddling.

Size (un-stretched)

20″ by 48″

Cleaning Instructions 

Machine wash in a mild clothing detergent. May tumble dry on low heat. Know that it may get tangled with other garments in the dryer due to the long length.

Insider Information

  • Our most popular wrap
  • Wider than our other wraps
  • Most versatile colors with our coordinating Vegan furs
  • CPP Softness Scale @ 4
  • CPP Stretch Ranking @ 4.5



Sweater Baby Wrap

Multicolored yarns are interwoven in our newborn stretch wraps to produce our beautifully muted, multi-shade Sweater Wraps. Their cozy, fuzzy texture gets even softer with time. And you’ll love their versatility – the multiple levels of color make it so easy to match with other props to create a beautiful photo story! Hand sewn in the USA!

Size (un-stretched)

17″ by 58″

Cleaning Instructions 

Hand wash in a mild clothing detergent. Lightly wring out excess water. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Insider Information

  • Most popular in the fall and winter months
  • CPP Softness Scale @ 4
  • CPP Stretch Ranking @ 4



Nubble Wrap

Our Nubble newborn wraps are knit with a loose stitch that makes them extremely stretchy & very easy to swaddle with. They have a mild texture to them and are see-through once fully stretched.

Size (un-stretched)

16″ by 60″

Cleaning Instructions 

Hand wash in a mild clothing detergent. Lightly wring out excess water. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Insider Information

  • Most commonly seen in the photography industry because they are sold by many companies
  • CPP Softness Scale @ 3
  • CPP Stretch Ranking @ 5



Artisan Wrap

Our artisan wraps are perfect for adding that extra element of sophistication you’ve been after for your photo shoots! They come in a beautiful array of textures & colors, with special design details like embroidery, applique, ruffles, lace & tassel trimmings, and more! These wraps give a beautiful level of dimension when paired with our other wraps.

Size (un-stretched)

Varies based on style. See listing for specific size.

Cleaning Instructions 

Hand wash in a mild clothing detergent. Lightly wring out excess water. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Insider Information

  • Best for draping over or under the baby. Also looks great when flowing out of a basket or bucket
  • Fancier fabrics give off an artistic vibe
  • CPP Softness Scale @ 4
  • CPP Stretch Ranking @ 1


SHOP our Newborn Baby Wraps Newborn Wraps


Custom Photo Props Color Collections


Happy Monday, everyone! Have you checked out our Color Collections recently? We’ve updated them with some new products! All of the pieces in each collection have been curated to complement each other and help you tell a beautiful story through your photography.

We’ve got a collection for every mood you’re trying to capture: Organic & Earthy, Seaside Palette, Jewel Tones, Pastels, Vintage Pinks, Feeling Blue, and Soft Neutrals.


Our Organic & Earthy collection contains a variety of props in the beige & green families that evoke a calm & natural mood – perfect for boys or girls. Seaside’s light tans & grays combined with soft tints of color in aquatic tones are an absolutely beautiful, gender-neutral choice! And the subdued hues of our Soft Neutrals Collection really help the newborn be the focal point of your shoot.

Take some time to check them out today – we’re sure you’ll find something you love! And stay tuned – more collections will deliver soon!

Custom Photo Props Spring Collection!

We are so excited to announce that starting soon, we will begin offering seasonal collections!

All of your favorite products, including our vegan furs, wraps, apparel & headbands, have been curated into beautiful new collections that will deliver every few months. This means that we’ve taken the hard work out of mixing and matching props that will coordinate for your studio sessions! All of the products in the collection have corresponding pieces that complement one another beautifully. Spring just happens to be our favorite season – how can you not love all those florals…all that fresh color- so we thought it was the perfect time to debut our first collection!

We think newborns + pastels = the epitome of lovely, so you can be sure that we’ve included as many pastel perfection hues as possible! Our palette of lavender, buttercup, mint, peach, blush & cherry blossom is universally flattering and will definitely freshen up your next photo shoot! Each color story features a fur, some wraps, headbands, and select apparel items that come together beautifully. You can use each one on its own, mix and match hues, or pair them with the collection’s creamy, dreamy, complimentary neutrals.


 Some fresh new items we’re excited to introduce are our beautiful new flower crowns –  these have been handcrafted with silk flowers, freshwater pearls, textured yarns and other natural elements. With so many special details adorning these, we know you’ll love them just as much as we do (especially since flower crowns are really trending at the moment)! Our new spring blossom mohair bonnet has been hand-knit and adorned with a beautifully handcrafted silk flower. This special, delicate piece is unique to CPP and has been custom-designed for spring! And we are just crazy about our fuzzy hand-knit bunny hat and soft-as-ever speckled rabbit faux fur – both will be perfect for your Easter photo shoot!

Spring is almost in the air, and we know you’ll love the fresh, new vibe of this collection!  For a sneak peek, check out our”New Spring Collection” video in the left hand tab of our Custom Photo Props fan page on facebook! We can’t wait for you to tell us what you think once you get your hands on the new collection in March!!


Save BIG on Pre-Order Furniture!

Save BIG on our Pre-Order Furniture!!

Want to save big on our beautiful new furniture AND shipping?! Check out our new, custom-designed Pre-Order Furniture Collection! The high quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship of these pieces will make them truly last a lifetime. Inspired by vintage silhouettes, these designs are unique to Custom Photo Props. There’s nothing else out there like them, and they’ll be the perfect new addition to add to your collection!

Quantities are extremely limited – we are only having 50 made of each design! You can save BIG with our pre-order special if you buy now….and just because we love you, shipping is FREE! 


These designs are set to arrive the beginning of February, so this deal won’t last much longer – items go to full price once in stock.Check the “Coming Soon” section of our homepage to get your hands on this amazing deal:


Washable Vegan furs

Here at Custom Photo Props, there are so many reasons we love our faux furs and faux flokati! Our Vegan furs are composed exclusively of man-made fibers that ensure a baby soft feeling with dramatic fur texture. They’re hypoallergenic and softer than just about any real fur you can get! We’ve been told countless times that their luxurious softness helps babies fall right asleep. In fact, 9 out of 10 newborn photographers “Love Love Love” our furs and purport that they really help them with their photography!

Our exclusive color palette offers a beautiful range of colors that will compliment any newborn shoot, and since they’re custom designed, you can only get them here! And because we value quality and durability, we made sure that our entire line is completely washable! Awesome, right? Simply machine wash with cold water on the gentle cycle, shake, and hang dry….they’ll come out like new every time! This is probably our customer’s favorite aspect of our faux furs. We’ve received so much wonderful feedback on the ease of washing them and how they retain their quality. One customer claims that her fur “has seen countless washings over 3 years and is still in full use!”. Another told us she’s washed hers between 30-40 times and it still looks great. We even asked fans on Facebook to share some photos of furs that have seen lots of use and washings. Our friend Khristy posted “These have been washed more times than I can count and still going strong”.


Sweet Dreams Vegan Fur
Sweet Dreams Vegan Fur


Frozen Blue/Aqua Vegan Fur

One local photographer invited us for a studio visit, where we got to see her wide collection of Custom Photo Prop furs. She’s washed them again and again and they still look great!

Photographer's Furs

Pretty spectacular, huh? You can’t get those same results with real fur. We hope that you’ll “Say no, go faux”- it’s the green, ethical, and guaranteed best quality choice! Check out our products today on our Website (click here).