Newborn Posing Cloth Collection is HERE!

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Our NEW Posing Cloth Collection has made its way to our website!
Our designers sourced and vetted dozens of manufacturing companies to take on our new posing cloth line. With months of swatches and prototypes, we landed a highly respectable company in the US to manufacture this valuable line for us. We strive to have all products made in the US, when possible, and we are thankful that we have made this a reality again.
Quality & Details are everything!
  • The girls hand picked each dye for our custom made posing fabrics and created matching floral headbands to pair with them. Many of them are created with handmade flower petals, tulle bows, fresh water pearls and dried flowers.
  • Kerri personally delivered the posing material to a local fabric cutting agency to ensure the perfect cut for your swaddling wraps.
  • The girls also worked with hand-in-hand with our seamstress to design the most adorable sleepy time hats in the same fabric as our posing cloths.
Every aspect of this line has been designed and manufactured in the USA! We are incredibly proud of this and we assure you that you are receiving safe & top quality props from us!

Relaxed Swaddler II | In Use Video

Do you struggle with swaddling newborns? Watch our Relaxed Swaddler II |Newborn Swaddling Assistant video to see how Lisa Matthis Photography uses hers during her newborn shoot.

Our newborn baby swaddling poser is said to save up to 30 minutes for those who struggle to swaddle fussy babies.

Relaxed Swaddler II

We had to post this in a 3 video series due to uploading size.




Relaxed Swaddler II |Newborn Swaddling Assistant

Our NEW newborn swaddling assistant is HERE!!
Our New and Improved Relaxed Swaddler II | Newborn Swaddling Assistant is in! If you are one of the many newborn photographers who sadly missed out on the first batch of R/S you can now breath with relief that you no longer have to struggle with swaddling babies!
Our R/S II newborn posing swaddle sack has been designed with a more durable and stronger material in the softest hand.  The R/S II will continue to be sold as a 2 pack and each set will include two sizes: standard and small. These two swaddling assistants should give you an estimated range of use for babies that are sized 6 pounds to 10 pounds.
SPREAD THE LOVE ~ if you know of any friends who would benefit from saving time on swaddling, please let them know about our R/S II.!
If you have a great testimonial about how your Relaxed Swaddler has saved you frustration and valuable time, we’d love to hear about it in Groupies!

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Newborn Nest Posing Cloths

Our design team at Custom Photo Props has been cultivating the most beautiful posing cloths to use with your newborn posers. They chose a soft palette of tones and have designed matching headbands to go with them for the baby girls. The posing cloths will also come with an optional matching swaddling wrap in the same fabric.
We are proud to announce that these fabrics have been custom developed by us and are manufactured in the USA!
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Nicole Serafin Photography of Elma, NY.

Nursery Room Furniture SALE



We’ve deeply discounted our custom designed baby and toddler furniture this week! These are made of premium linen fabric that’s easy to clean and comfortable to the touch. These look adorable in any nursery room or portrait studio!

Depending on the style, recommended ages of 9 to 24 months of age.

These pieces are going faster than we ever expected! We’ve reordered these three times and have a limited quantity on hand! Discounted to make room for our newest shipment.


Nicole Jackson Photography

Newborn & Baby Fur Pom Hats

Have you seen our newborn & baby pom hats? Our handmade pom hats are absolutely adorable and we’ve designed them to match back to our Vegan furs and swaddling wraps! These can be used as a prop for photography or everyday use. Oh My Gosh!
*Hover or Click listings to see props in use with babies.
Cherise Kiel Photography used our Black Pom Hat, Black Chinchilla Vegan Fur, Cola Vegan Fur & matching Winston Sleep Sack. You can find a mini felted bear on Etsy.

RELAXED Swaddler | Newborn Photographer’s Swaddling Assistant

Our exclusive Relaxed Swaddler Sack is simple tool to help make swaddling an easier, more relaxed experience for babies, parents, and photographers.

Born Again Innovation – Our Relaxed Swaddler is a rebirth of a newborn sack we designed back in 2009.

Our Relaxed Swaddler Newborn Sack has been exclusively designed to assist those who are new to swaddling capture simple poses of their newborns. Our unique closed bottom design has been specifically developed to help contain newborns’ feet from interfering with a tight swaddle. Its cocoon shape helps keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, while providing snuggly warmth.

S I Z E :

Our newborn sack is constructed out of a lightweight, breathable mesh that easily stretches to fit babies up to 10 lbs.

F E E D B A C K :

Our Relaxed Swaddler is known to save up to 30 minutes per newborn session! Our swaddling assistant will help you save time and eliminate unneeded frustration.

D E T A I L S :

* Affordable price point; less than $0.75 investment per photo session!

* Product designed for short-term use; expect 10-20 uses per sack

* Approved completely safe by Dr. Murphy, MD in New York

* This product is not designed for more complex posing styles due to the closed bottom

*Ideal for more novice swaddlers (i.e. – new parents wanting at-home newborn shots, the fussiest of babies, beginner photographers on a budget)

* Updated mesh style coming in 2018

C L E A N I N G :

Hand Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry


New Vegan Mohair Baby Wraps

Our newest mohair wraps are here in delectable colors! These are the softest of all shades and the most soothing of tones.

Bianca Hubble Newborn Photography used our new wraps with some of her newborn clients. We are delighted with her creativity and how those gorgeous babies make our products look even more gorgeous!


Pink Vegan Mohair Bonnet & Baby Wrap
Candy Vegan Mohair Wraps in the Prettiest of Pinks
All New Mohair Wraps & Baby Bonnets!
Our New Vegan Mohair Wraps are Here in the Prettiest of Shades!

Shop our full mohair wrap selection here:

Shop our full mohair bonnet selection here:

Photographer Spotlight

Newborn Bear Bonnet

Shoutout to some of our favorite photographers!!! We love shining a spotlight on some of the amazing photographers who use our products, and feel so lucky to call them our customers!  It’s always exciting to see how they incorporate our props  into  their photography style & newborn shoots. Check out some of their awesome work below!


This little cutie’s expression is priceless! BabyLikeArt is featuring our snow nubble wrap.



This color story is just beautiful! Laura King Photography is featuring our Opal headband.



We love Nicole’s light & airy signature style! She shoots all of our seasonal product collections 🙂 Here she’s featured our glass mint lux wrap & Maive headband!

maiveheadband test


Bianca did an amazing job capturing our favorite new fur color, Ember. Her color combinations compliment this little one’s complexion just beautifully!



You can check out all of the products featured here at

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Custom Photo Props Summer Collection


Our NEW Summer Collection is here and we couldn’t be more excited!!!

The color stories in this new collection feature hazy, muted, summertime hues. Our palette of antique pink, yellow ochre, teal, azure & lilac grey evokes the mood of seaside sunsets and lush summer wildflowers. The muted nature of these colors will flatter the complexion of any baby.


We’ve curated everything into simple color stories to make for easy, breezy summer shopping. Each story features fresh new headband & apparel designs that we’ve combined with complimentary furs & wraps. Even more exciting, we’re debuting 2 new oh-so-pretty fur colors – Oasis and Trellis! Shop today to be summer-ready in no time!