RELAXED Swaddler | Newborn Photographer’s Swaddling Assistant

Our exclusive Relaxed Swaddler Sack is simple tool to help make swaddling an easier, more relaxed experience for babies, parents, and photographers.

Born Again Innovation – Our Relaxed Swaddler is a rebirth of a newborn sack we designed back in 2009.

Our Relaxed Swaddler Newborn Sack has been exclusively designed to assist those who are new to swaddling capture simple poses of their newborns. Our unique closed bottom design has been specifically developed to help contain newborns’ feet from interfering with a tight swaddle. Its cocoon shape helps keep your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex, while providing snuggly warmth.

S I Z E :

Our newborn sack is constructed out of a lightweight, breathable mesh that easily stretches to fit babies up to 10 lbs.

F E E D B A C K :

Our Relaxed Swaddler is known to save up to 30 minutes per newborn session! Our swaddling assistant will help you save time and eliminate unneeded frustration.

D E T A I L S :

* Affordable price point; less than $0.75 investment per photo session!

* Product designed for short-term use; expect 10-20 uses per sack

* Approved completely safe by Dr. Murphy, MD in New York

* This product is not designed for more complex posing styles due to the closed bottom

*Ideal for more novice swaddlers (i.e. – new parents wanting at-home newborn shots, the fussiest of babies, beginner photographers on a budget)

* Updated mesh style coming in 2018

C L E A N I N G :

Hand Wash Gentle. Lay Flat to Dry


Puppet Warp Tutorial

Custom Photo Props is more than just your one-stop shop.  We want to create a relationship with our photographers that is more than just selling props.  It’s  been a while since our last Photoshop tutorial, so we thought it was time to bring another easy tip to help!

Not every newborn session goes perfectly when it comes to posing – there are also many circumstances that prevent you from getting the perfect angle.  The baby could have an injury or just simply doesn’t cooperate no matter how hard you try.  You may or may not be familiar with Puppet Warp, but this Photoshop tool will help you manipulate your images to be exactly what you originally wanted them to look like!   We came across this tutorial and just had to share with you!

Click HERE to watch the tutorial.


NEW Photo Prop Vendor Directory!

Custom PHoto Props and Photo Prop Finder

Are you a prop vendor looking to increase your exposure and grow your business?  We have some exciting news just for you!!!!!

Custom Photo Props is partnering with Photo Prop Finder, a new organization helping photographers locate the exact props they are looking for by giving them one central website to connect them directly with you… the vendor!

Photo Prop Finder is an essential online marketing source for anyone creating props for the photography industry.  Being a part of Photo Prop Finder will get your products in front of thousands of photographers world-wide!  To give photographers everywhere exactly what they are looking for, Photo Prop Finder will also keep vendors up to date on growing trends and tips for improving their products.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

ADVERTISE – Send the advertising panel an email at to receive advertising info when its available.


DIY Faux Fur Boot Covers

bootsOne of the big advantages of working at Custom Photo Props is that we have a surplus of faux fur fabric that we get to create new apparel or décor with. Read our how-to and follow our step by step guide on how to cover your own winter boots with our furs.

I recently covered a pair of little girl boots after my daughter came home from school and told me how her friend had fur at the top of her boots. You know, the standard style winter boots you see at all of the stores. Nothing, kick-butt and custom made, like I made her last year. Before winter started I asked her if she wanted her boots covered again like last year. She politely declined. That changed when she knew that she had the ability to top her friend’s boring factory-assembled fur boots.

These are seriously the easiest things to make if you are a tiny bit crafty and have a few essentials.

  • Hot glue gun
  • Faux Fur purchased from Custom Photo Props
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Boots
  • Fabric crayon

**Note: A Basket stuffer sized fur ($28.00) is plenty to cover an average size women’s boots. If you are doing these for a child you would have enough to do several pairs. If your sole purpose is to craft for boots and you are not repurposing an old faux fur of yours please message us and ask if we have any scraps. We will often sell them at a discount Of course, this would be a limited color selection.

Lay your fur belly-side-up on your craft table. Measure the ankle/leg width of your boots, along with the height. Copy those measurements onto your fur. Leave an extra one full inch in the width so the sides can overlap. Cut through the backing of the fur. Try your hardest to not cut the fur but only the backing.

You can do this one of two ways. Turn your fur inside out and hand sew the ends of the fur together. This method will allow your boot covers to be removable. Or you can do what I did. I like quick. I like easy. The way that I assembled my boot and fur covers is by using hot glue. I glued my ends together and then I glued them onto the boot. This is permanent and there will be no removal of the fur. Of course, I could probably remove it and replace it with new fur but there would be no going back to being furless after you put that glue on the boot.

My DIY faux fur boot cover project took me a whole ten minutes.

As you can see here, my daughter is now the coolest girl in her school and mom is also a little cooler for making the boots.

For all of your faux fur needs visit and enjoy functional, quality products that ship within 24 hours.

Newborn Swaddling Wrap Ideas

Our newborn swaddling wraps have a magnitude of uses that are often overlooked. Portrait photographers and parents who are taking their own DIY newborn photos rave about baby wraps and the newborn swaddle but in reality there are more uses for our wraps than just to pose a newborn.

It’s been a known fact that our exclusive stretch wraps work best in getting that newborn into a snug and comfortable pose. When you have the stretch and give of the fabric it’s much easier to get that baby to pose into positions than a fabric that doesn’t stretch like your standard cotton receiving blanket.

When searching for the perfect newborn wrap, and one that’s functional after newborn photos, it’s important to find one that is of a high quality. You need that photo prop to last and not fall apart after the first wash. It also has to be super soft so it does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. It’s hard to know what a product feels like when buying online but you can buy with confidence when reading the reviews on our website. If a customer doesn’t like the product they will be sure to tell you that in the review they write. It’s a good thing for us, that the majority of our reviews are 5 stars!

Traditional Newborn Swaddle – Stretch wraps work wonderfully whether you are doing the taco pose or the baby is sleeping on his back while swaddled and surrounded by the softest faux fur.

Mommy & Me – Our newborn wraps can be draped over the baby for a more sophisticated look. This looks especially eloquent when mom is in a maternity gown.


Mommy & Belly – Many of our wraps are large enough to use during pregnancy.


Pets & Props – Venture out and put a wrap around your feline’s neck or have it flowing out of a basket of puppies.


If you are certain that you are done with photos and will have no other use for it, Moms can wear it as a summer or fall fashion scarf.


DIY Faux Fur Booster Car Seat Cover

Moms & Dads,

Our faux fur fabrics have a magnitude of uses that you may not have initially thought of-they aren’t just for baby pictures! In the next few months, you will read about our other uses for photo props in our DIY blog series.

The owner’s daughter is a fanatic for anything faux fur (primarily because her mom is the go-to-fur-lady). In stores Lil’ points out fur, on television, you name it. If there is fur, it’s a must that they have to go touch it and talk about the type of fur and quality. It’s really adorable to see her strong passion at such a young age.

Lil’ was in need of a new booster seat since the cover on hers was stained from that forbidden eating in the car. Oops… Instead of buying a whole new booster when she only needed the eliminate the stains on the cover, she refinished upholstered it with faux fur. It is super easy to do a DIY faux fur booster seat or car seat cover.

To make your own DIY kids booster seat cover, here is what you will need:

  • 1 Hot glue gun
  • 4 High temp glue sticks
  • 1 Faux fur from Custom Photo Props
  • Measuring tape (or you can wing it like the Kerri did 🙂
  • Car seat cover that’s being upholstered
  • Marker

Lay your faux fur upside down on your work table. Place your booster seat pad on top of the fur so you can trace around the pad for shape.**Leave 1.5  – 2 inches surrounding the cover which allows you to tuck the edges of the fur on the underside of the pad. This is very important! Trace the pad onto the fur. Cut the fur. This part can be a little messy so make sure you have a garbage can near. Clean up the edges to remove any loose fibers. Place the used pad onto the fur. (The fur is still supposed to be upside down as well as the pad.) Take your hot glue gun and start gluing the underside of the fur to the bottom of the pad. You will not see these edges that are glued so you don’t have to worry about it being perfect. The bottom of the pad will be hidden when you connect it to the base. You can attach it to the base within 10 minutes and start using your new fancied-up booster!

This faux fur car seat booster for toddlers or kids is something that any kid and adult will think is super cool! As a matter of fact, Lil’s friends have asked their moms to make them one! The family has both of their boosters covered in a fur that matches their car. The one cover is upholstered in a purple fur which matches her dad’s muscle car. Let me tell you, it’s a hit at the car shows!!

Please note that due to daily use and the repetitive motion of getting on and off the seat, the fur will eventually get slightly matted. Her seat cover lasted about 9-11 months before they replaced it with a new fur. You can find their clearance furs in their Etsy store. The old fur was relatively easy to take off and replace.

If you have any questions about this DIY project, please email or call us @ 716-951-8021


DIY Keepsake Shadow Box featuring used Photo Props

There are many styles and themes that you can go with when making a shadow box for your baby. Go with whatever fits your taste and home decor. Remember that you are designing this around the used props so make sure that the colors you choose do not clash with each other.

In our example below, you will see that the photo session was strictly a Do-it-yourself newborn session with photo props. I firmly believe that if you add Quality photo props it will make your portraits look much more professional.

I  had all of the supplies for this project but I did need to hit my local craft store to pick up the shadow box. Mine was purchased from A.C. Moore Crafts at 50% off which was a really great deal at $14.00! I love how it has a magnetic closing feature which makes designing this so much easier. This may be something you want to consider when purchasing.

This shadow box took me a little over an hour, including design time.

Variety of items that you will need to complete a shadow box using your newborn photo props:

  • Shadow box. Keep in mind it must be large enough to fit everything that you want inside. This one is 10″x 12″. I wish I purchased one a little larger but loved the look of it regardless.
  • Double sided tape
  • Tacks
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbooking paper. You won’t need much.
  • Buttons, dried flowers, scraps of vintage fabrics, lace, ribbon, etc..
  • Scrapbooking scissors
  • Personalized baby articles: used newborn photo props, photo of the baby wearing the photo props, lock of hair, umbilical cord, foot print, hospital band, welcome cards, baptism bib, hospital card.

I recommend gathering all of your supplies ahead of time and laying it out before gluing, taping, or sticking anything down to minimize the risk of damaging anything fragile.

As you can see in our shadow box, I included the headband that baby “M” was wearing during her newborn photo shoot.  Draped over the shadow box is a fabric layer that baby “M” was laying on during some of the setups. Including these items in the shadow box takes this memorable home decor to a new level. As time goes by-and we know it goes by fast after you have a baby-you can reflect on  how small your baby was and daydream about those delicate baby features and baby powder smells.

Other Uses for Baby Photo Props

Are you a mom or dad who has purchased newborn or baby photo props for his or her newborn pictures and you just don’t know what to do with the props now that the shoot is over? We all know that newborn and baby photo props are an investment in and of itself – set aside the cost of a professional photographer. There are a lot of uses for these props after the photo shoot.

We will go into depth on these items and how they are made/used in future posts. This list is a general idea for DIY newborn photographers or family of the baby who want to repurpose their used photo props.

Dual uses for your used photo props are:

  • Personalized shadow box for the baby
  • Handmade baby blanket
  • Upholstered baby furniture
  • Upholstered baby car seat covers
  • Repurposed doll clothing
  • Handmade decor for the nursery. Think fur rug, accent piece, etc..
  • Doll furniture
  • Pet beds or bedding
  • Up-cycled clothing such as fur vest, bootie covers
  • Baby quilts
  • Ladies scarf







Our Faux Furs Help Newborns Sleep

Stretch Wrap & Matching Newborn Headband

We’ve heard it again and again! Our furs help babies sleep. 9 out of 10 newborn photographers purport that our furs really help them with their photography!

How to get newborns to sleep
The True Baby Whisperer Faux Fur

“3 week old Diesel would not sleep for nothing… then I busted out my new Baby Whisper Buttercup layer fur. And YUP! Thank you!”  Ambers Lil Angels Photography

“I purchased your furs for the first time at WPPI. I always want to “feel it” before I buy. Not only do I love them but they put my newborns to sleep lol. Love Love Love your products!” Mandi Mayernik

“Absolutely in love with their Baby Whisper in large rug size. Great quality, and quick shipping. All my babies have loved this and one of my toddler boys was so in love he kept rolling around on it. Will be buying more! Thank you so much!” Natalie Edmundson

“Can’t say enough about your furs!! This is what happens every time….wrap them up and settle them in on one of your furs, and they settle right to sleep! Please don’t change a thing!!”

“Michaela wouldn’t sleep for a thing at her newborn session. She was wide awake for over an hour and the parents really wanted sleepy baby photos! After trying several methods that didn’t work, we took out a fur from Custom Photo Props. I bet you can guess what happened! Almost instantaneously she fell into a deep sleep. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my session. You made a happy photographer and my client very happy!”

“I just received my furs from your black Friday sale and I am EXTREMELY satisfied! The quality and look of the fur is absolutely perfect. I also ordered faux fur from another site on black Friday and was disappointed with the way their fur looked and felt once it arrived. Yours was above and beyond what I expected. I will for sure be a returning customer!” Anna Mann

When I lay an itty bitty onto your furs I can almost see them sigh  I love their softness, quality, color, wash-ability, price and the speed in which you get them to me:) Thanks for the great products and Happy New Year!!”

I would just like to say a HUGE I LOVE your stuff!! I have the lamb fur & todays newborn session resulted in a major #2 (like MAJOR!) I usually just spot clean that fur if I need too but today it had to go in the machine, was a very nervous delicate cycle & I needn’t have worried at all it came out looking as good as new!! 😀 Happy happy!!” Lauren Jones


Editing Can Change Everything

Most of you know that post-processing is a big part of a photographer’s job- especially newborn photographers. From composite shots to fading out those hard lines from the backdrop, a newborn photographer spends a lot of time in front of the computer!

Here at Custom Photo Props, we love watching our customers grow in to their art and develop a style of editing that is truly unique. These collages below show off our Honeydew and Frozen Faux Furs in various different temperatures and detail. All of our fur colors are custom made for our company and we’re very proud of having colors that are so versatile!! ❤ ❤