Spring Vegan Flokati Furs 2016

We have been hard at work finding the very best Vegan baby furs for your babies, clients, and children! We assure you that these new furs won’t disappoint! Animal friendly, Vegan, Machine Washable, Hypoallergenic & Limited Quantities!
Our new colors are almost here and you can save 22% if you order as a pre-order. Our Pre-Sale offer is the highest discount you can receive throughout the year, with exception to clearanced out items. First come, first served! They join 30+ furs we regularly keep in stock; meet our newest family members.
Baby Whisperer
Grasshopper – Deeply demanded by our customers! A warmer version of our retired Hush Little Baby.
Linen – Soft beige tone which compliments those organic photo shoot themes.
Cabernet – One of our favorites! This matches our Radish Red Lux Stretch Knit Wrap perfectly! https://www.customphotoprops.com/Radish-Red-Lux-Luxury-Stretch-Knit-Wrap-p/radish-lux-wrap.htm
Vegan Faux Flokati
Sweet Dreams – A perfect pairing with our best selling Daydream Lux Knit Wrap https://www.customphotoprops.com/Daydreaming-Purple-Lux-Luxury-Stretch-Knit-Wrap-p/daydreaming-purple-lux.htm
Blueberry – Simply edible! Beautiful blue shade faux fur which is gender friendly.
Sand Dune – Cooler tone in the tan family.
Tulip Lavender – A favorite among us girls. Absolutely needed for Spring and Summer sessions.
Two Toned Faux Fur
Plantation – Depth & dimension with a dark green base and lighter green tips.
We ran out of the following furs and are getting more in!
Blondie Faux Flokati, Eggshell Sheep, Dewdrops Blue
CODE– Use coupon code Newfur22 in the coupon code box at checkout at Newborn Photo Prop
Not valid on other websites. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Expires 5/10/16

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