Other Uses for Baby Photo Props

Are you a mom or dad who has purchased newborn or baby photo props for his or her newborn pictures and you just don’t know what to do with the props now that the shoot is over? We all know that newborn and baby photo props are an investment in and of itself – set aside the cost of a professional photographer. There are a lot of uses for these props after the photo shoot.

We will go into depth on these items and how they are made/used in future posts. This list is a general idea for DIY newborn photographers or family of the baby who want to repurpose their used photo props.

Dual uses for your used photo props are:

  • Personalized shadow box for the baby
  • Handmade baby blanket
  • Upholstered baby furniture
  • Upholstered baby car seat covers
  • Repurposed doll clothing
  • Handmade decor for the nursery. Think fur rug, accent piece, etc..
  • Doll furniture
  • Pet beds or bedding
  • Up-cycled clothing such as fur vest, bootie covers
  • Baby quilts
  • Ladies scarf







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