Ugghh Facebook

ATTENTION: Okay guys, Facebook is driving us nuts cause nobody is even seeing our posts, despite our best efforts to get our stuff out there…so make sure you follow us on all of our other social media platforms to stay well informed! (and you never know which site we might decide to do a contest/giveaway on )

Check us out on






and of course, sign up for our NEWSLETTER –

Follow us, tag us, share us, tell us what you’re thinking — cause we honestly want to know!

Use these hashtags to get our attention on these sites and make sure to tell your friends to do the same. #customphotoprops #bestpropsever#newbornphotographyprops #newbornphotoprops #photographyprops#babyphotographyprops #handmadeprops #newbornphotography

We aren’t giving up on Facebook, just branching out a little more

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