Why are newborn photo props so expensive?

While shopping for props you may find yourself asking, “Why am I paying so much for something so small and simple? It looks so easy to make”.
–We have hired skilled artists and business women who put their hard work into giving you the best product available. There are supplies to purchase so you don’t have to buy that 5 dollar roll of elastic just to use 12 inches of it and a 10 dollar bouquet of fake flowers just to use one of them. Also, it’s somebody’s job to take an hour+ out of their day to make that cute little knit hat so you can focus on more important things in your business. We take ALL of these factors in to consideration when pricing our product.
–Supplies and labor aren’t free. We’re a business and in order to stay afloat we need to make a profit. One major thing to take into consideration is overhead. Yes, we are a small company but we also have overhead that needs to be figured into everything we sell. We have rent, income taxes, payroll for 7 employees, retirement benefits, and utilities to factor in. If you purchase from CPP you are helping employ 7 individuals and helping support their very thankful families.
–That being said, it’s impossible not to notice that some companies out there are outrageously priced and we just want all of you to know that we understand. We understand that you don’t always have $20+ to spend on a piece of yarn with a flower on it and we also understand the need for cute, quality products. As a photographer, your business keeps us in a business and we want you to be satisfied with the price as well as the product.\
–We do our best to keep up with the trends in our field to provide you with reasonably priced products at the same quality as those other shops who charge an arm and a leg. If you have ordered from us and a boutique, you know that our products don’t lack quality from the higher priced companies.
–Custom Photo Props is not a discount company where you can get props at dirt cheap prices, but we believe in pricing fairly. The guilt we would all feel from overpricing our items would definitely not be worth it. And let’s be honest, this field of work is too awesome to ruin what we love doing!
–Remember our post “Don’t Mess With The Best“? That’s us, and in order to stay that way, we need our customers (you) to keep coming back and if we charge you too much, why would you? We surely wouldn’t.
One of our girls made this chart to give an example of how we go about pricing our products vs. how the boutique shops price theirs.
price chart
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