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Have you noticed a drastic decrease in your reach on your business Facebook page? On average, with our current 21,000 fans, we only reach a sad 400-500 fans! Because of this, our beloved fans are missing out on our sales and new product announcements as well as tips and tricks in newborn photography. We hate to see that happen, not only just for all of you but our employees would really like to keep their jobs 🙂 
This has resulted in us moving on over to Google+. So far we really like it and am sure once you get used to it you will as well! Please join us there to hear about our latest sales, new products and all the goodness the comes with newborn photography props! 


  1. Doesn’t that suck? I will look for you and you can look for me if you’d like. I’m changing from one G+ page to another because they assigned it to me. G+ is crazy business sometimes! See you around!


  2. […] join our 43,000 Facebook fans and keep up to date with our customers reviews and interactions. Custom Photo Props Facebook Page.  As always, with Facebook algorithm changes in the past three years less than 1% of our fans see […]


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