Exposure: Interview Series

Next up in our interview series is Amanda Stewart with Chasing Lilies Photography. Read on to learn more about her and visit her site to see her work! www.facebook.com/pages/Chasing-Lilies-Photography      www.chasingliliesphotography.com/
1)      Who are you and where are you located?
My name is Amanda Stewart and my company name is Chasing Lilies Photography named after two of my Children Chase and Lilly. I am currently located in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
2)      Do you have a home studio, rented space, or are you on location?
I had a home studio and recently moved due to my husbands military status to a city which does not allow them which was a set back. I have found a space to rent along side another local photographer until I can find the perfect space to call my own. Traveling with all my equipment and props can be tough but I will say my furs from custom photo props are perfect for having to travel to clients homes. They are so much more lightweight and portable than a flokati rug and photograph just as beautifully. (www.customphotoprops.com/Faux-Fur-Newborn-Baby-Photography-Props)
3)      What subjects are your primary focus and which do you enjoy shooting the most?
I focus on newborns and maternity. I have currently started shooting a hand full of weddings also. My favorite would have to be newborns. I adore them and I adore the art behind posing and setups that go into every session.
4)      There are so many different kinds of camera’s out there! What do you use and how did you decide on that particular one?
 I shoot with a cannon 5d mark iii. My husband got it for me for my birthday a few years back knowing I was dying for all those focal points. It’s my baby.
5)      While we’re talking about equipment, what lens do you prefer to use and why?
For newborns my 50 1.4 it’s tack sharp and a great focal length to still stay close. For maternity and outdoor session there’s no lens I love more than my 70-200 2.8  it just creates such creamy bokeh.
6)      We hear a lot of debate on natural light vs. studio light, what are your thoughts on the subject?
I don’t understand the debate. Natural light is beautiful. Studio light is beautiful when properly done. There’s just some times the sun isn’t cutting it in the studio and I turn on my alien bee. I only use natural light for outdoor locations but weddings just are extremely difficult without the speed lights so I bring them. I like to say I’m a natural light photographer who isn’t afraid of artificial light when the situation calls for it. I’m proud to be capable of both.
7)      How did you learn to be a photographer?
  I just loved taking photos since high school. I even had the super old school digital camera that took a floppy disk (how times have changed). After my move away from my home state I was feeling very homesick and my husband got me my first decent dslr after my first little girl was born to help give me something to do. I was hooked. I tried some classes which helped me learn a lot about aperture, exposure, shutter speed and ISO but honestly lost Interest and dealt artistically I learned more and more just getting out and experimenting on my own.
8)      What or who inspires you? Do you have a photographer you look up to?
I love Rachel Vanoven and Erin Tole for newborns they have created such a unique and beautiful style without following the “rules” that’s stands out as their own. As far as editing ljholloway is spectacular and I would love to sit in on one of her workshops one day soon.
9)      When you’re doing a photoshoot or working an event, what is your favorite part?
Oh goodness my favorite part? I love the looks on my clients faces when I show them the back of my camera hands down my favorite part. Before I even edit to know they love it just from that small screen makes me feel like my work is appreciated and loved as much as I’m loving doing it.
10)   What have you struggled with the most while having a career as a professional photographer? Any tips for somebody who is just starting out?

The business side of it. Moving around is toughest because there  are new laws and new taxes every place I go. Once I get use to one states its on to the next. This year my goal is to keep better track of spending, income, etc. my tips for anyone starting out is to please do it legally. Get your license, pay your taxes, carry insurance. We charge what we do to cover all these necessary expenses the clients don’t see so when others are breaking the rules its frustrating.

11)   Do you have any unconventional tips or tricks for getting your little clients to cooperate during a shoot?
I have my in case of emergency iPhone clip. It clips to my camera and I can play songs on you tube etc… It’s especially good for special needs children. That’s only for emergencies though. I’m a fairly silly person due to my background as a preschool gymnastics coach and can capture little ones anntention pretty easily. I was always better with children then adults
12)   Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
I would love to be in my own commercial space and at a place where i am helping provide for my family rather than sinking everything i make back into my business. Where I will actually be in 5 years is a mystery because my husbands career will have us relocating again. I would love to find myself at a place in my career to be mentoring new photographers also. I love teaching and watching others grow in their success.

All about that FUR

If you’re reading this post you probably already know how wonderful our Faux Furs are…but do you know how versatile they are??

One of our favorite uses for our fur is for all those adorable sitters out there. Check out the examples in the images below! We love them :) The fur layers add that extra bit of texture and color while really helping to bring the focus in on the baby. Also, they are machine washable which is ALWAYS a good thing when you’re working with babies. (Can I get an Amen?!)



At WPPI, a couple of people mentioned to me that they were buying our fur for senior portraits and I know people have used it for maternity shots – the possibilities are endless!!  If you’ve used our fur in a new creative way, please share with us! We absolutely love finding out new ways people use our products.

We have a few unconventional ideas on how to use all of our products written on this old blog post.. you know..if you’re looking for inspiration. ;) https://customphotoprops.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/other-uses-for-newborn-photo-props/

Exposure: An Interview Series


Hi again! The second photographer in our interview series is another one that’s not far from us here in western New York! Keep scrolling to learn more about Katie Boser :)

1)      Who are you and where are you located?

 My name is Katie from Katie Boser Photography and I am located in Franklinville NY.


2)      Do you have a home studio, rented space, or are you on location?

 I have a home studio in my home all year round.

3)      What subjects are your primary focus and which do you enjoy shooting the most?

 This year I finally decided to take the leap and eliminate things that I just did not enjoy photographing. We don’t all need to be “I photography everything photographer”. My primary focus always changes with the season. During winter it is usually mostly children under 5, in the summers my focus is mostly weddings, and then fall for family photos.  Of course there is always itty bitty babies! All of which I enjoy!

4)      There are so many different kinds of camera’s out there! What do you use and how did you decide on that particular one?

 I currently photography with a 5D Mark III. (and believe me I almost had a heart attack when I clicked purchase). I choose this camera because I really liked the 61 cross-type AV Points. I felt very limited with the 12 I had in my 60D. I also liked the increase of ISO.

5)      While we’re talking about equipment, what lens do you prefer to use and why?

 Lets talk equipment! My current go to lens is my Tameron 24-80 2.8 DIVC. I purchased this over the canon at the time for its image stabilizer. Its currently my go to lens in my studio. I also really love my canon 50 1.2!

6)      We hear a lot of debate on natural light vs. studio light, what are your thoughts on the subject?

 Natural Light vs Studio Light. My thoughts are do what you love. There is no right or wrong. They both have different looks and it all depends on what your comfortable with. I shoot 100% studio light. I like the consistency. It also depends on your session. I find when photographing couples they get all nervous and feel like they are on center stage in studio. Therefore I prefer to photograph all clients over the age of 5 outdoors in the natural light.

7)      How did you learn to be a photographer?

 I am a self taught photographer. I learned from books, photo magazines, camera manuals, youtube, blogs and a stuffed animals. I learn by practice so after my son went to sleep I took his stuffed animals, placed them on set and started learning. I started of on Auto and within 3 months I was a full manual photographer.

8)      What or who inspires you? Do you have a photographer you look up to?

I think we all can say Meg Bitton. I like her work for what she stands for. She really helps other photographers discover who they are and that you can find beauty anywhere. Does she do therapy on the side?! I currently am in love with Leah Robinsons work as well. I find her to be a little more like my style and how I want to advance my work.

9)      When you’re doing a photoshoot or working an event, what is your favorite part?

 My favorite part is capturing things people don’t notice. I love that after everything is done clients tell me “I never even knew that happened”, “I cant believe you caught her smile” etc.

10)   What have you struggled with the most while having a career as a professional photographer? Any tips for somebody who is just starting out?

 I think my main struggle was always thinking I had to be like someone. Still to this day its hard to look at my image and think is this okay? Did I do this angle right? The first 2 years of my business I was more focused on trying to become someone else that I lost sight of who I wanted to be as a photographer. It took a while but eventually I developed my own style and I try to stay true to myself. There is nothing more rewarding than putting yourself out there and being happier doing what you love. It reflects. My tips for photographers just starting out.. find your place in photography. Don’t be a carbon-copy.

11)   Do you have any unconventional tips or tricks for getting your little clients to cooperate during a shoot?

 Little mini marshmallow! Also currently singing any frozen song! My significant other makes funny voices or faces and kids love it. My method is mostly go with the flow. Many kids do not want to sit there. I try to take little breaks so that they don’t get overwhelmed.

12)   Where would you like to see your company in the next five years

Good question.. in 5 years.. I think my goal would be to open a studio. Or purchase some land where I can design the perfect greenery. My “go to” spot.  Either one of these will be taking place. I will defiantly be able to nail those photos I have dreamed about, also double my income. Most importantly in 5 years I would like to be still where I am today being a photographer  because being able to do what I love is something I am very blessed with.


I wanted to include that I highly recommend Custom Photo Props. Its worth every penny. My favorite is the basket stuffer. For just about every session I place one on the floor drop and have the little ones sit on it (6m-2yrs). They love to rub the fur and it keeps them still! They are my go to prop for every sessions!

Katie Boser Photography


KBP_9168aaa kbp-Landon5www.customphotoprops.com/Apollo-Blue-Faux-Flokati-Fur

Thanks, Katie!!

Exposure: An Interview Series

Here at Custom Photo Props, we LOVE to know more about our customers. We strive to make that special connection with each of you, so we can continue to help you and your businesses grow with us! This interview series not only helps us learn more about our customers, but it will help us all gain a little bit of Exposure in the industry. So zoom in and take a peek at our first photographer in the series, Elizabeth Pellette.
1)      Who are you and where are you located?
 I am Elizabeth Pellette of Elizabeth Pellette Photography and I am located in Springville, New York
2)      Do you have a home studio, rented space, or are you on location?
 I am a location photographer. I frequently go to clients homes or we meet at a location of their choosing.
3)      What subjects are your primary focus and which do you enjoy shooting the most?
  I photograph a bit of everything. I shoot Maternity and Newborns, as well as families, high school seniors, engagement and weddings.
4)      There are so many different kinds of camera’s out there! What do you use and how did you decide on that particular one?
  I shoot all Nikon products, and I decided on Nikon many years ago when I first started shooting it was the film era, so I had used Nikon then, so when I made the switch to digital, I already had some Nikon glass.. and decided since I was so happy with their products I would continue with them, I have never regretted my choice.
5)      While we’re talking about equipment, what lens do you prefer to use and why?
  I am currently finding I leave my Nikkor 35mm F/1.4 on my camera the most and am loving the results I get with it. I also tend to go with my Nikkor 24-70mm  F/2.8.
6)      We hear a lot of debate on natural light vs. studio light, what are your thoughts on the subject?
 As far as Natural light over studio light I really think its a matter of preference. I personally prefer Natural light. I prefer the way it makes skin tones look and I like the challenge of it always changing from minute to minute.
7)      How did you learn to be a photographer?
 I started in Photography when I was about 13 years old when my aunt gave me my first SLR film camera.. Back then everything was manual.. there were no auto settings at all. I learned a lot by trial and error. When I got to High School I took the photography class that was offered and learned how to process my own film. I then Majored in Fine Art Photography at Buffalo State College. I think that the fine art aspect really pushed me to see things a little differently when documenting people. I strive to be really creative with my images, and trying new things, thinking outside the box.
8)      What or who inspires you? Do you have a photographer you look up to?
 I am inspired by so many things I think it would be difficult to pinpoint it to just one thing. Sometimes its the light.. or a location I drive past, sometimes its the smell in the air.. as far as photographers that inspire me.. that changes on a regular basis too.. ha! Right now I am really loving the work of Michelle Gardella. I love the way she uses light and documents her subjects so perfectly.
9)      When you’re doing a photoshoot or working an event, what is your favorite part?
 I think my favorite part of a photo session or event is when that sort of discomfort the client may have in front of the camera disappears and their true selves start to shine through.. and watching that transformation is so much fun for me. Everyone at first is a bit awkward or uncomfortable at the start of a session, having the attention drawn to them at first seems odd.. but once you kind of move past that and I get them talking about who they are, what their interests are, shared experiences.. they start to come out of that shell.. you can see that happen… I just love that. I love when you make that connection with them..
10)   What have you struggled with the most while having a career as a professional photographer? Any tips for somebody who is just starting out?
 I think the biggest struggle for me was learning about business.. and how to run my own. The photography aspect always kind of came naturally but the business part not as easily. My tips for anyone starting out in photography would be don’t compare yourself to others, and what others are doing. If possible seek out a mentor someone who will let you tag along on some photo shoots, so you can see how it all works.. its intimidating at first to go meet with a client you may not know at all, and start shooting them. I have always been more than happy to let new photographers tag along to get a feel for the way it all works and let you actually take some photos not just follow along behind. The best way to learn is by doing. It seems contradictory to say don’t compare yourselves to others and then work with a mentor if possible. but I think be inspired by someone and learning from them, and then putting your spin on it.. makes you who you are as a photographer.
11)   Do you have any unconventional tips or tricks for getting your little clients to cooperate during a shoot?
 As far as tips or tricks for getting clients to cooperate.. it really just depends on the client. If I am shooting younger kids, I will ask the parents if I can bring a treat along for them, for after the session, kind of like a reward for their hard work. With teens, I just try to connect with them on their level. Ask a lot of questions get them talking about themselves and their interests, and lets not forget that I am completely a klutz.. so its not uncommon for me to trip or fall over something ( not on purpose ) nothing looses a client up like falling on your face.. and laughing about it.
12)   Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
In the next five years I would like to see my business continue to grow. I would like to be shooting a lot more consistently year round.
I also wanted to say that I do love Custom Photo Props products, I have been using them for years when shooting newborns and incorporating them into home based new born sessions. They really just help tie a newborn session all together.
 and check out her business site http://www.elizabethpellettephotography.com/
Thanks Elizabeth!! <3

New Summer Products!!


We’ve had our eyes on Spring and Summer for a while and have had such a blast giving our seamstress a bunch of new projects to get ready for you guys!


These little beauties are soft, stretchy, and of course machine washable! With just a little touch of lace, all of these overalls are classy and timeless – surely to never go out of style. Don’t you agree these colors are just about as perfect as can be??

HEATHER : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=heather&Submit=Search

LAUREN : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=lauren&Submit=Search

VICKIE HAREM : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=vickie&Submit=Search

MOLLY : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=Molly&Submit=Search

MISSY HAREM: https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=Missy&Submit=Search


Ummm AND they have matching bonnets and headbands?!? Yes please! We are obsessed with this new style of bonnet our seamstress whipped up and can’t wait to see it in use!

MISSY : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=missy&Submit=Search

VICKIE : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=vickie&Submit=Search


Of course, we would never leave out all the little boys out there. Everybody is always talking about how hard it is to find good props for boys and we’re on a mission to solve that issue. These are simple and classic just like the girl’s overalls. They’re easy to keep neutral or mix and match with other props.

GREG : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=greg&Submit=Search

VICTOR : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=victor&Submit=Search

TIMMY : https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=timmy&Submit=Search

BENNETT: https://www.customphotoprops.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=bennett&Submit=Search

Check out our other boy props, while you’re at it. https://www.customphotoprops.com/Baby-Boy-Photo-Props-s/49.htm

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Flokati or Faux Furs? Which product is best for newborn photography?

What are the differences between flokati wool and faux fur photo props from Custom Photo Props?
Faux Fur
  • Machine washable – hand or gentle cycle/cold water. Machine dry on NO heat setting.
  • Very soft for that delicate baby skin
  • Pliable fabric which makes it easy to form in baskets.
  • Easy to spot clean
  • Virtually no shedding (only at unfinished edges and is minimal)
  • Affordable – Average one yard costs $60.00 from Custom Photo Props LLC
Flokati Wool
  • Dry clean only as per manufacturer
  • Real sheep wool
  • Can cause an allergic reaction and skin irritation
  • Thick backing which makes it hard for posing in baskets
  • Matted ends give very textured appearance
  • Abundance of wool shedding throughout the rug and not concentrated to ends
  • Coarse texture (not recommended to lay a baby directly on the wool as it is itchy)
  • Costly – Average one yard piece costs $90.00

Anna Mann: “I just received my furs from your black Friday sale and I am EXTREMELY satisfied! The quality and look of the fur is absolutely perfect. I also ordered faux fur from another site on black Friday and was disappointed with the way their fur looked and felt once it arrived. Yours was above and beyond what I expected. I will for sure be a returning customer!”

Jessica Freemont: “I had used flokati for over a year and my friend who is also a newborn photographer kept trying to convince me to switch to your furs. In an honest attempt to get her to stop I purchased one of your furs. She was so right!! I was so impressed with your furs that I sold my used flokati and purchased new furs from you! Your product is so soft, much easier to wash and it makes the parents really happy to know I am not putting their newborn on a dead sheep!”

April Lynn: “My favorite furs EVER. They really are baby whisperers!”

Feedback from a customer : “I have a Flokati that I got from Ikea and it’s scratchy, impossible to wash or keep clean and CONSTANTLY shedding. When I first got your furs I was a little nervous about washing them and was always trying to do set ups that were either in buckets or with diaper covers. But then there was an accident on the blue one (my fav) and I was so sad. I figured I’d wash it and if it was wrecked, I would just replace it. It came out of the wash and I thought, damn, it’s matted. I let it air dry. After it was dry, I threw it into the dryer on low heat for about 10 minutes and voila, good as new. I was so happy. :)

“I’m constantly using them for anything now. I’ve had them peed and pooped on several times, and every time they wash they still come out looking new. I’m sure I’ll eventually wear them out, but before then, I will know for sure I got my money’s worth out of them!! :) Cheaper than Flokati, look and feel better and easier to clean. Win win win!! :)” Shannon Bower Photography of Novia Scotia, Canada

“GREAT Faux Fur Prop! I’ve been looking for something similar to a Flokati Rug and honestly, I felt like this was better than the Flokati Rug I have because it’s more flexible, being fabric AND so much softer!!! I will definitely purchase from this seller again, hopefully more colors of this Fur, Love!”

Our furs can be purchased at https://www.customphotoprops.com/Faux-Fur-Newborn-Baby-Photography-Props-s/74.htm

You can view our furs in video at: https://www.youtube.com/user/customphotoprops

Apollo blue faux flokati fur

Apollo blue faux fur used as flooring and basket stuffer.

Peony Pink Sheep Faux Fur

Peony Pink Sheep Faux Fur

Ink Sheep Faux Flokati Fur by Custom Photo Props

Ink Sheep Faux Flokati Fur by Custom Photo Props

Thieves in the Photography Industry

The photography industry can be a place where happy moments are captured or a starving arena by overpopulated photographers in the newborn and children portraiture industry. We have heard, all too often, of photographers “stealing” clients from another local photographer. Some can get downright dirty and contact a fellow competitors clients in an attempt to get them to use their services in the future. I am sure many of you can relate, whether it has happened to you, or someone you know.

The average person, who is not familiar with the photography and photography prop industry, would be clueless as to how intense and competitive it can get. Oftentimes, when we mentioned to an average Joe about our company, they think it is a creative and new market. They have no realization, that even in the photography prop industry, there is competition everywhere. Thousands upon thousands of prop companies are out there to design and create photo props to the millions of portrait studios in the world. Just like with prop companies, there may be several portrait photographers servicing one town.

Photographers not only have to deal with the threat of a local studio capturing their once client, but they also have to deal with untrustworthy citizens who take their photo and claim it as their own. Photographers can watermark their image, which is incredibly important, but with a thief on a mission, as well as Photoshop, these watermarks can be removed from the image.

Unfortunately we have similar situations and we thought it would be helpful to share our story with you. Yes, we may only sell props but it’s not all fun and games.

Twice in 2011, we discovered a photography prop company, with a similar name as ours, was putting up listings on their website as well as Etsy claiming to sell a handmade photography prop that WE actually made. The company even used our description and title, almost, word-for-word. It was clearly our product as we, at the time, were the only company that manufactured these blankets and they had a very unique design. There were over 50 yarns, many hand spun wools and discontinued yarns that have been off the shelves for years. It was ours. There was no denying it.

We confronted the prop shop and asked them to take down the image that was of our prop, after-all it would be impossible for her to duplicate that prop 100% to sell it to a customer that were to buy it from her. The legal term for this practice is referred to as Bait and Switch. The owner denied that it was our product. Upon her failing to provide us with the types of yarn used, we contacted the photographer. The photographer confirmed that she did not give this prop vendor permission to use the photographs and also confirmed that the prop in the photograph was made by another company and not the company who listed it as her own work. This unethical prop shop had four listings using all stolen images and was attempting to sell products that she did not and could not reproduce. We went back to the prop shop’s owner and she said it was a mistake and made up several, almost believable, excuses and denied that she tried to sell said product. We had captured several screen prints of her listings before she deleted them which was our slam dunk.

Screen printing is incredibly important when dealing with any posting on the internet, things can be edited and changed. Photographic proof is your way of upholding the facts of the case. If you were to take a company or individual to civil or criminal court, this would be imperative to your case.

Jump ahead to 2015 and regrettably our company is going through something similar with the SAME prop company. A person would typically think, who would ever do it, not just once, but now three times? The business owner had contacted one of our past customers and asked to use images of our product for their new product they started stocking in January 2015. Since we have similar company names, the customer was confused and thought that we were the same company, Custom Photo Props. With that being said, the photographer agreed that she could use the images thinking that she had purchased the furs from her when it was actually CPP.

The business, once again, listed items for sale on their website and Etsy page of OUR custom made faux furs! There is not another photography prop company that sells the exact same fur as we do which means our products are easily recognized in the industry.  The images that the business took from the photographer were from early 2014 and this company did not have this new fur of theirs until 2015 so how could they be the same exact product? We believe, without a doubt, that the prop company did this intentionally once again. The prop company told the photographer that it looked identical when, in actuality, it is far from identical.  You may ask, why would this company want images of CPP’s product in use? As most retail companies are aware, an image sells a product. We have had products listed for sale not sell for months because we do not have an image of it in use. As soon as we got that “wow” photo, the product sells. The company is also continuing to name their products similar to our distinctive titles that our advertising team formulated.

Our product on the left is  as well as the far right. The middle fur is the one she was actually shipping to customers while customers were expecting to receive the fur on the left or right.  There is a large difference in products style and design.

Our product on the left is as well as the far right. The middle fur is the one she was actually shipping to customers while customers were expecting to receive the fur on the left or right. There is a large difference in the product’s style and design.

Upsettingly, since 2009, Custom Photo Props LLC has been the victim of copyright theft at a minimum of 40 times (we have lost count) and that is only what we are aware of. You can be the target of someone who is your next door neighbor or a person who lives across the world.

In the arts industry, especially when something is handmade or designed, it’s easy to spot your own work. If you had taken an image of a decaying tree in a historical forest, you would easily recognize your image from another photographers work.

Tips if this happens to you:

  • Always watermark your work.
  • Send a Cease and Desist to the offender.
  • Document any conversations you have that are relative to your case.
  • Screen print, screen print, everything! Seeing is proving.
  • Contact a Patent & Copyright attorney in your area for legal advice.

If the above actions do not work, a last resort would be a civil court case.

Do you have a similar story? We would love to hear from you.

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Free Shipping Changes

Starting in 2015 we’re going to be changing our free shipping deal. With rising costs in…well everything…we’re raising the minimum amount to $250.00 instead of $200.00.

The deal will still be for all of our customers, international and USA alike. The ONLY thing changing is the minimum purchase requirement.

Again, the change will become effective in 2015 so get it at the lower cost while you still can!!!  ;)

Check out our FAQ’s  for more details on the deal!

PropBox by Custom Photo Props!


What exactly IS PropBox??

—PropBox is our new subscription service for photography props! Sign up to join the club and get a surprise box of exclusive merchandise from our shop.

Well, that’s cool…but what kind of stuff are you putting in the box?

–Every month will be a different box of 1-2 goodies designed specifically for PropBox members. It’s meant to be a bit of a surprise so we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be getting each month, but it could be headbands, wraps, a new fur, hats, pants, or a new product we’re looking to put on the market.

Will I get duplicates?

— Nope! Each month will be a completely new product.

What if the items in one month’s box just aren’t my style?

— You can exchange the items for something of equal value on our website, all you have to do is pay for shipping.

Will I really be getting my money’s worth? 

— Of Course!!  The value of the product(s) will ALWAYS be a MINIMUM of $25.00 and the other $5.00 you’re paying goes towards shipping costs.  :)

When would my box be shipped to me?

–If you sign up in March, you will not get a March prop but your service will start in April. Billing will always be for the prop that is featured one month ahead. For example, if you cancel services in July, we will refund you for August if payment has already been processed.

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

–Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time within 5 business days of the next monthly cycle. Call us to cancel (716-951-8021)

Count me in! How do I sign up??

–Go to www.customphotoprops.com/category-s/238.htm and sign up!