Introducing PropBox by Custom Photo Props!


What exactly IS PropBox??

—PropBox is our new subscription service for photography props! Sign up to join the club and get a surprise box of exclusive merchandise from our shop.

Well, that’s cool…but what kind of stuff are you putting in the box?

–Every month will be a different box of goodies designed specifically for PropBox members. It’s meant to be a bit of a surprise so we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be getting each month, but it could be headbands, wraps, a new fur, hats, pants, or a new product we’re looking to put on the market.

Will I get duplicates?

– Nope! Each month will be a completely new product.

What if the items in one month’s box just aren’t my style?

– You can exchange the items for something of equal value on our website, all you have to do is pay for shipping.

Will I really be getting my money’s worth? 

– Of Course!!  The value of the product(s) in each box will be a MINIMUM of $30. Some months it may be more :)

When would my box be shipped to me?

–If you sign up in March, you will not get a March prop but your service will start in April. Billing will always be for the prop that is featured one month ahead. For example, if you cancel services in July, we will refund you for August if payment has already been processed.

Can I cancel if I change my mind?

–Yes, you can stop your subscription at any time within 5 business days of the next monthly cycle. Call us to cancel (716-951-8021)

Count me in! How do I sign up??

–Go to and sign up!




PropBox – Surprise Yourself With New Props Every Month

Reward Yourself Monthly

Reward Yourself Monthly

Sign up for PropBox today!! We are proud to roll-out our new monthly photography prop club where you get introduced to new props every month! At just $30.00 a month, it’s a great way to reward yourself and your upcoming clients. Each prop is a surprise we are sure you will love and exclusively designed for our members each month. These items will not be sold outside of our program.

Why are newborn photo props so expensive?

While shopping for props you may find yourself asking, “Why am I paying so much for something so small and simple? It looks so easy to make”.
–We have hired skilled artists and business women who put their hard work into giving you the best product available. There are supplies to purchase so you don’t have to buy that 5 dollar roll of elastic just to use 12 inches of it and a 10 dollar bouquet of fake flowers just to use one of them. Also, it’s somebody’s job to take an hour+ out of their day to make that cute little knit hat so you can focus on more important things in your business. We take ALL of these factors in to consideration when pricing our product.
–Supplies and labor aren’t free. We’re a business and in order to stay afloat we need to make a profit. One major thing to take into consideration is overhead. Yes, we are a small company but we also have overhead that needs to be figured into everything we sell. We have rent, income taxes, payroll for 7 employees, retirement benefits, and utilities to factor in. If you purchase from CPP you are helping employ 7 individuals and helping support their very thankful families.
–That being said, it’s impossible not to notice that some companies out there are outrageously priced and we just want all of you to know that we understand. We understand that you don’t always have $20+ to spend on a piece of yarn with a flower on it and we also understand the need for cute, quality products. As a photographer, your business keeps us in a business and we want you to be satisfied with the price as well as the product.\
–We do our best to keep up with the trends in our field to provide you with reasonably priced products at the same quality as those other shops who charge an arm and a leg. If you have ordered from us and a boutique, you know that our products don’t lack quality from the higher priced companies.
–Custom Photo Props is not a discount company where you can get props at dirt cheap prices, but we believe in pricing fairly. The guilt we would all feel from overpricing our items would definitely not be worth it. And let’s be honest, this field of work is too awesome to ruin what we love doing!
–Remember our post “Don’t Mess With The Best“? That’s us, and in order to stay that way, we need our customers (you) to keep coming back and if we charge you too much, why would you? We surely wouldn’t.
One of our girls made this chart to give an example of how we go about pricing our products vs. how the boutique shops price theirs.
price chart
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So we asked our Facebook friends to share their sentiments on befriending fellow photographer’s and we got some great responses! Take a look and write a comment letting us know your story!

friend or foetographer

“In the past I have befriended a photographer that did mostly outdoor shoots and not really a whole lot of babies. It was annoying when I’d post a newborn add, only to be copied by my new “friend,” with a lower price tag. I don’t think is good to befriend other photographers that are really competitive by nature. I am currently friends with a fellow belly and baby photographer who is a great resource. We became friends when one of her maternity clients suffered a loss at the hospital, and I responded through NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep). We talked, she decided to give NILMDTS a try, and we met for homemade pumpkin spice lattes at my house so that she could ask me questions about my volunteer work. The conversation then drifted to props, sewing, poses, and soon we knew that we’d hit it off. This is the kind of shutter friend to keep around.”



“Twice I have befriended photographers who have gone behind my back and then ripped me off by stealing ideas i had in the works and by plagiarizing work. But that is nothing compared to the number of photographers who have been helpful and supportive that i have met both in person or online local and across the globe. I am friends with sooo many local photographers and photographers. Some of the local ones are a completely different style to me so we can refer eachother work when we get enquiries that aren’t suited to us. and others are similar in style and taste, and even though i guess a lot of them are my competition, it doesnt stop us from being friends and sharing tips and secrets (and prop sales and comps!). We help eachother grow and we all contribute to eachothers success. I know i have definitely grown with their support. We teach eachother tips and tricks and we share props and equipment. and we sometimes second shoot for each other (weddings) and assist each other (such as when we have twins!). Having that support network far and close helps us better ourselves and better our clients. if you love what you do and work hard at doing a great job then you will always have work. there is no need to worry about competition, babies are born everyday and there is plenty to go around. many times one has posted a session and others are like oh they enquired with me, i’m glad one of us got the session booked. One time my friend local photographer and I both had the same enquiry for twins. They ended up booking with me (as i had previous history with the mums sisterinlaw) and my friend even came to help me with them at no cost. And she knows i would do the same for her or any of the other girls. (and we often do). Thats the beauty of quality photographer friendships”




“My story is unique in that my competition is my own sister! She was in to photography several years before me, and had built a following of 4000 people before I even picked up my first camera. When I got my first camera, I had no idea photography was going to take over my life and take me on such a whirlwind adventure. It wasn’t long before my sister was upset and hurt and felt like I was just trying to squash her limelight. It took us about a year of arguments and hurt feelings until we finally realized that we could help each other, instead of hurt each other. We now share almost everything. She photographs the weddings and then sends her clients my way when they start having kids. It’s a beautiful arrangement and we’ve realized that we are both great photographers, we know exactly what to get each other for birthdays and Christmas, and together we can support each other and save each other’s butts if need be:) We will never go in to business together because we’ll probably kill each other lol, but we are each other’s greatest supports, and its nice to have found we have a lot more in common than we had originally thought”



“Locally, we have an amazing group of professional photographers. I am not just friends with one, we all work together to grow and teach and build the industry and each other’s businesses. We share critique, advice, business knowledge, shooting locations, refer clients to each other and help each other. We see each other as peers and not competition.”



“Hi! I saw your post for Friend Photographers. I am in the fairly small town of Rocky Mount, NC and have several friends who are photographers. One, in particular, has been a great friendship and professional association as well. I am a part-timer who loves newborns and high school seniors. The other photographer is a full-time studio owner who specializes in babies and children. I also shoot weddings. Since she doesn’t, she is my preferred second shooter (and we have a great time). Our kids go to the same small private school, too. We have taught workshops together to raise money for the school’s fine arts department. We have gone to workshops together and helped each other quite a bit. Since she is full-time, when I book up or get inquiries for young children, I refer to her. Of course, being in a small town, our businesses would be seen as competitors but we have found that playing nice in our small sandbox is a win-win for both of us personally and professionally.” 

Thanks so much to those of you who shared with us! It sure seems to us that most of you photographers get along pretty well and take advantage of learning from your peers. What a great field we’re all in to work with such wonderful and talented people. #lovethisjob

Check out our website and share it with your friends, and maybe even your foes. ;)

FREE SHIPPING Worldwide Everyday!

Custom Photo Props is continually striving to improve our current services and products for all of you. We have now added free shipping for orders over $200 to that list! We realize that nobody wants to pay shipping costs, especially our international customers, and that’s why were are offering this really great savings! To be honest, we aren’t sure how long we will offer it but hopefully it will be here to stay!

Shop for newborn photography props at:

Code: freeship200


Excludes Beds and 3-D Mats

We have the right to ship orders by whatever method is of less cost to CPP. Express shipping or Expedited shipping is excluded from this offer.

Does not include insurance coverage for lost packages. This is an option paid for by the customer.

Excludes Clearance items

Not eligible on prior purchases

Cannot be combined with another discount.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS – Though shipping is free, you may be obligated to pay duty in your country upon package arrival. Please check into this before ordering.

More Reasons To Order From Custom Photo Props:

We have a rewards program built into our website, where the money you spend goes towards future purchases.

Orders placed on our site also ship within 24 business hours, providing you with super speedy service!

Personalized service all day long!

Remember our old post about Other Uses for Newborn Photography? This is the PERFECT example of how to use our products in a fresh, creative way.


Traci Hartman Gassen with Pink Toenails Photography gave us the lo-down on how she created this fabulous Tepee using one of our Vintage Ruffle Drapes – “I use twine for the bamboo sticks…which you can find in any garden center for about 5-8 bucks. I tied the fabric around this one…I cut a hole through the middle of a circle table cloth on another. Then drape the layer over 1 bamboo stick and fix the lace down the side. I love the little layer she is sitting on here with the lace too.”



How great is that?? If any of you have other awesome ways you use our products, please share! We love new ideas :D


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FREE SHIPPING on Newborn Props

Never before have we offered FREE SHIPPING to our customers, but today that is going to end! Make any purchase from 7/18/14 – 7/23/14 and you will receive free ground shipping on your entire order! Purchases must be made on our website, to quality.

International orders welcome! salelogo

Use code – freeship818

MINIMUM $45.00 purchase required.

Excludes 3-D mats and beds.

We have the right to ship it by whatever method is of less cost to CPP. Express shipping or Expedited shipping not available for this offer.

Excludes prior purchases

Does not include insurance coverage for lost packages.

Who are those Custom Photo Prop girls?

Have you ever wondered what the person looks like that packages your orders, answered your email in record time, or designed your headband? Since we all agree that we are pretty cool cats we wanted you to see our faces and know a little bit about our personalities. We are more than just a pretty face behind a computer :)

We are missing another fabulous face, Lauren, as she is away for the summer working in theater. She is such an incredible addition to our crew and can’t wait until she gets back!!

Better known as the Queen of Fur Mother of two children, Jokester, Hygienic, Creative,   Fun, Loves to Sing to the Frozen soundtrack, Randomly busts out dance moves.

Amber {Better known as the Queen of Fur}
Married & Mother of Two Children, Jokester, Hygienic, Creative, Fun, Randomly Busts Out Dance Moves, Rap-star

Kerri    Brains of the Operation, Closet Goofball, Caring, You Can Hear Her Laugh Miles Away, Go-Getter, Dog Lover

Married to a tall, dark, handsome fella. Mom to Liliana.
Brains of the Operation, Closet Goofball, Caring, You Can Hear Her Laugh Miles Away, Go-Getter, Dog Lover


Corinne           Smart, Sassy, Farmer, Loves cute animals, Life of the party, Easy to love.

Married to a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Army Veteran, Mother of Jacob.
Smarty Pants Behind CPP, Sassy, Cutest cow farmer, Loves cute baby animals, Life of the party, Easy to love.

Kim {Kimmy} {Kimmers}  Full of Personality, Outspoken, Caring, Unconditional Love, Goofball, Brains and Beauty

Kim {Kimmy} {Kimmers}
Dating hunky Darrin, Finishing nursing degree and continually scoring A’s through a lot of hard work and a big brain.
Full of Personality, Outspoken, Caring, Unconditional Love, Goofball, Energetic


Fur Jumping Good Time

Fur Jumping Good Time



Through all of our numerous hours of research looking at adorable pictures of babies we have noticed a lot trends in the industry.

Soft pinks, flesh tones, peaches and purples are among the most popular colors for our little ladies these days. They’re classic, sweet colors that don’t distract from the main focus of the photo – the baby. 

As for the boys, cool blues, rustic browns, dark greens, and sometimes even a bright teal or red are what we see the most of.  Of course, everybody has their own personal preference, these color choices are simply the ones we see a lot while we’re scrolling down the pages of social media.




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Newborn Photography – Professional VS. DIY


Professional Photos

Going to a professional photographer might mean paying a bunch of money, but it can really be worth it. These people literally do this for a living so they know all of the ins and outs of the business.

-They have most likely made an investment in some really great expensive equipment that is necessary to get the best photos.

-Their knowledge of lighting and posing is what sets them apart from amateur photographers or DIYers.

- You know those super cute photos of babies resting their head on their hands that look impossible? Those are composite shots that newborn photographers have to Photoshop together. So unless you’re proficient in Photoshop and have spotters to help hold up the baby’s head safely, don’t try it!


If you go to a photographer who specializes in newborns they will know how to safely pose your baby to give you those cute poses that are so popular today. Your photographer should have hours upon endless hours of newborn practice under their belt to do these poses. They are NOT an easy task and nearly impossible unless you have experience.

– A professional photographer can use actions to smooth out the baby’s skin. If your baby has a rash they can eliminate that in their post processing. These technical tools are quite expensive to purchase and an essential part to make your portraits look great!

-Not only do they have the knowledge and equipment, but usually they have a stock of photography props for you to choose from. Also, they often have the ‘in’ with some prop companies who can get you props for a great deal. I know that a lot of our customers are photographers who follow us on social media sites to get coupon codes and freebies. (hint hint)

- A really great newborn/child photographer has an arsenal of soothing and cooing techniques to make sure you all get the best use of your time and money. They know what temperature the room needs to be, how far in advance the baby needs to feed, wonderful sound machines and many other tricks that will keep your baby calm during a session.

-Remember that the cheapest photographer is most likely not the best photographer. Shop around and see the quality work you are getting for the price you are paying. Ask the photographer how much experience they have with newborns, what type of poses they can do, what you should expect out of your session, and if they carry liability insurance. These are all valid questions to ask anyone that is handling your precious cargo.


DIY Photos

There are multiple reasons that people choose to take their own newborn photos- all very valid and if done right, can turn out beautifully. There are just some things to keep in mind when deciding to DIY so you don’t end up spending the time and money to get this


-Professionals have all of that fancy equipment for a reason and trying to get a good photo without all of that can be super tricky- especially if you set up in a place that is poorly lit.

-You might be limited in the posing you want if you don’t know how to use Photoshop – not the end of the world, unless you want a composite shot.

-When doing it yourself, you need to acquire props like fur, blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, etc. Just keep in mind that to get quality products it can be big investment unless you spend more time to do those yourself, too- even though some of the materials can be pricey.

-One of the big perks of DIY photo shoots is that you can do it any time you want. You don’t have to make an appointment for a session and then have your child cry or scream through the whole thing.


Make sure if you DIY you take a look at some of these thinks below to learn about safety, swaddling, and more.


Either way, getting great photos of your little one is so important. They grow up so fast and you don’t want to look back and regret not investing in some really cute pictures to show off when they’re older ;)


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